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Let's bark it out!  Dog Behaviour Consultations 

The basis of working with a dog is building the best possible relationship and this is something I can help you with.


Let's bark it out! are workshop meetings where we focus on the difficulties you and your dog are facing. We will be looking for possible causes of your troubles and the best possible solutions in the spirit of cooperation and understanding. We will work on strategies that will help you communicate, support and live better life with your dog along with helping them deal with difficulties. 

During the consultations, I will teach you what to pay attention to in your dog's everyday life, how to be their wise guardian and trusted friend, how to understand and respond to their needs, build self-esteem and self-confidence, set safe boundaries and how to prevent troublesome situations. 


Working with a dog, building relationship, is a process that requires as much time as a given dog needs.


You will learn the basics of dog language, methods of communicating with a dog and communicational traps that we often fall into.


I will teach you what to pay attention to in your relationship with your dog, how to get to know them and their individual needs better.


I will show you methods which will help you support your dog in difficulties. 


Dwa spotkania: pierwsza konsultacja + kolejne spotkanie (łącznie 3 godz.)

Każda kolejna godzina 

350,00 zł

110,00 zł

W zależności od problemu możliwe konsultacje on-line.

Wizyty poza Tarnowem objęte są dopłatą zależną od odległości.


What are some types of issues you can help with?

Some of the areas I can help you with include: dog wellbeing, difficulties in communication, building a healthy relationship, understanding and wisely meeting your dog's needs, teaching how to safely introduce alone time, lounging and barking at people/dogs, preventing aggressive behaviour, fear of grooming (combing, eye drops, ears), fear of dogs/people.

Let's talk more about what you and your pup need and see if I can help you :)

What does the first consultation look like?

During the first one, lasting apx. 1.5-2 hours, we're conduct a thorough interview, discuss the most important recommendations to be implemented at the beginning. After two or three weeks of your independent work, we meet for the second time, run a little a progress control and discuss the further plans and actions. 

Can you help teach my dog specific behaviours/skills?

I can :) But first, we will consider what may be behind the dog's behaviours that you want to change, we will consider what are the most important and useful skills for you, and then I will show you how to shape them safely and most effectively, basing on cooperation with the dog.

I'm considering bringing a dog into my life and I'm a little inexperienced, can you help?

Of course! :) We can go through the most important areas and matters to consider. 

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